Our Kaupapa

Rūrangi is more than a series - it is a movement to create social change for New Zealand’s gender diverse community by empowering us to tell our own stories and represent ourselves autonomously.

Here’s how Rūrangi is supporting New Zealand’s gender diverse talent throughout all aspects of production to ensure this series is #BYUSANDABOUTUS.

A principal or policy, purpose, scheme, subject, programme, theme, issue, initiative.

A Sustainable Voice

What happens after Rūrangi? Here's what we are doing to help the gender-diverse community represent themselves autonomously.
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The Community

New Zealand has a number of organisations and groups doing excellent work with the gender-diverse community. Find out more about them here.
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"We're not interested in seeing another story told about us, any more transition stories, trauma or tropes. These are so often about how other people see us, how other people experience us. We want to see stories on screen made by us - the authenticity of our voices, the wholeness of our lives, and the way we truly experience ourselves."


Cole Meyers

Series Writer & Co-Producer of Rūrangi